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The 4 Why's of Stucco?

The re-stucco process can be overwhelming and stressful. Here I will explain 4 important things you should know before meeting with stucco estimators so you can have a better understanding of the stucco alphabet.

1. Why does Stucco crack?

We all get scared when we see spiderweb cracks on our walls and/or parapets but does this mean that you need to re-stucco? Not necessarily.

Here are the main reasons why your stucco might be cracking and what you should be on the lookout for:

- Your base coat might've not been properly cured.

- Movement in your structure.

- Poor material and labor quality.

2. Why is it important to cure cement

Whenever a structure with stucco is built and a base coat foundation is applied it NEEDS to be cured with water from 3 to 4 days 3 to 4 times a day and then wait for a minimum of 30 days. This allows the cement base coat to dry slowly and obtain the tensile strength it needs. By doing so you can be certain your cement base coat is strong and solid enough to withstand movement on your structure for decades.

3. Why you shouldn't apply Synthetic Stucco over Cement Stucco?

Synthetic stucco is a great product when it is applied in the right conditions. Most people hear great things about Synthetic stucco, unfortunately most of the time people are misled into thinking that they can apply synthetic right over cement stucco (color coat) and that is a no-no.

They main issues you'll run into are bubbling, peeling and base coat deterioration. The correct way to do it if you already have cement stucco would be to re-wire, create a new substrate (base coat), prime it and then apply synthetic over it.

4. Why paint over stucco is no go?

Whilst most companies in town do paint stucco we recommend people not to paint their stucco for similar reasons as the mentioned above. Since paint is not very porous it tends to trap moisture underneath it for extended periods of time which can cause bubbling and peeling.


Before getting a stucco estimate keep in mind that anyone can put a color coat (of stucco) on and make it look good, but when the work is not done properly, problems will typically occur within one to five years.

Avoid the stress and expense of repairing or redoing unskilled work and don’t leave the desirability of your home or business in the hands of anyone less than an expert.

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